Thomson Seatposts

Thomson Seatposts

Thomson are a manufacturer which has been producing high end bicycle components since around 1994. In particular they are known for their high performance stems, handlebars and seatposts, all of which are priced at the upper end of the market but offer a high strength to performance ratio. Thomson seatposts are typically built from aluminium, and are available in range of lengths and sizes to suit most frames – in particular their Elite range is popular amongst passionate cyclists of both road and MTB persuasion. Their components are renowned for being tough and more reliable than many of their competitors, using their aerospace industry technical know how, and applying these strengths and knowledge to their bicycle components. Below are our listings of Thomson seatposts.


An absolute design classic! The Thomson Elite InLine Seatpost has long been a favourite of UK riders due to it's incredible strength to weight ratio and exceptional value for money.

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After the top of the range component in dropper seatposts? The Thomson Elite Covert is arguably the pick of the bunch, featuring an exquisite yet burly construction with 125mm of movement and a remote control to adjust with ease.

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