MTB Seatposts

MTB Seatposts

MTB Seatposts – a selection of posts which are designed with mountain biking in mind. Whether it be lightweight carbon cross country seatposts, or sturdy versatile dropper posts, we have an in-depth list of some of the best seat pins on the UK market. Mountain Bike seat posts are typically heavier than the road equivalent for two reasons – firstly the components will experience greater wear and tear due to the nature of the riding, and secondly the average mountain bike frame will be smaller than a road bike frame, and thus more seat post will be exposed, creating greater stress on the post. For this reason more material is used for reasons of strength and durability, and this adds to the overall weight. The majority of mountain bike seat pins are constructed from alloy, but a few higher end models utilise carbon in their build. Below we have a large selection of MTB seat pins, each with a thorough specification and description.

FSA K-Force Light Carbon SetBack Seatpost

Smart black carbon seatpost from FSA, with a low overall weight yet strong construction and slight layback of 32mm - ideal for road or XC riders!

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An absolute design classic! The Thomson Elite InLine Seatpost has long been a favourite of UK riders due to it's incredible strength to weight ratio and exceptional value for money.

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RockShox Reverb

Arguably the most popular dropper seatpost in mountain biking is the RockShox Reverb, which provides the perfect balance of performance, light weight and value for money in a sleek black package.

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After the top of the range component in dropper seatposts? The Thomson Elite Covert is arguably the pick of the bunch, featuring an exquisite yet burly construction with 125mm of movement and a remote control to adjust with ease.

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Seatpost Colours

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