Dropper Seatposts

Dropper Seatposts

Dropper Seatposts are a relative newcomer to the MTB scene, which in the past has featured similar devices such as suspension units, and external spring systems to achieve a similar effect. Essentially a dropper post enables the user to drastically drop the level of their saddle by flicking a switch, thus being able to instantly and accurately adjust to the upcoming terrain. When climbing a cyclist will usually want their saddle to be at the highest setting, whereas when descending lowering the saddle provides a greater freedom and more relaxed feel to the bicycle. Most models are controlled by a handlebar mounted switch, which provides a safe and simple method of flicking between modes. A dropper post will typically cost and weigh more than a traditional rigid seatpost due to the extra materials and manufacturing detail required. Fitting a dropper seatpost to your bicycle in place of the stock rigid pin provides a greater versatility to your riding, transforming your cross country machine into a downhill bike or vice versa, without having to resort to adjusting your seat bolt with an allen key or quick release. Below are some of the best dropper seatposts on the UK market, complete with specifications and prices.

RockShox Reverb

Arguably the most popular dropper seatpost in mountain biking is the RockShox Reverb, which provides the perfect balance of performance, light weight and value for money in a sleek black package.

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After the top of the range component in dropper seatposts? The Thomson Elite Covert is arguably the pick of the bunch, featuring an exquisite yet burly construction with 125mm of movement and a remote control to adjust with ease.

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