Seatposts for Road and Mountain Bikes

We feature a range of seatposts for road and mountain bikes alike, with specifications and prices for each model. From MTB dropper and suspension posts, to lightweight carbon road seatpins, we have the lot covered. You can browse our listings by diameter, colour scheme, manufacturer and post length, as well as type. Whatever your seatpost needs, we strive to provide details on the best posts available in the UK.

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Smart black carbon seatpost from FSA, with a low overall weight yet strong construction and slight layback of 32mm - ideal for road or XC riders!

Buy the FSA K-Force Light Carbon SetBack Seatpost

An absolute design classic! The Thomson Elite InLine Seatpost has long been a favourite of UK riders due to it's incredible strength to weight ratio and exceptional value for money.

Buy the Thomson Elite InLine Seatpost

Arguably the most popular dropper seatpost in mountain biking is the RockShox Reverb, which provides the perfect balance of performance, light weight and value for money in a sleek black package.

Buy the RockShox Reverb Seatpost

After the top of the range component in dropper seatposts? The Thomson Elite Covert is arguably the pick of the bunch, featuring an exquisite yet burly construction with 125mm of movement and a remote control to adjust with ease.

Buy the Thomson Elite Covert Dropper Seatpost

What is a Seatpost?

A seat post is a bicycle component which attaches the saddle to the bike frame, where it is fastened by a seat clamp bolt or quick release lever. Seatposts come in a variety of lengths, with the longer models reaching up to 430mm. Similarly these components come in different diameters in order to fit different frame seat tube sizes. Popular materials are alloy (usually aluminium) and in more expensive models carbon. A seat post will usually have a usable length - which will be from the top of the post right down to a mark nearer the bottom which will state the minimum insertion length. Having the post lower than this mark can potentially damage your bike frame as it won't offer enough support. We've listed a host of seatposts from a variety of manufacturers on this website, so you can establish which best suits your needs.

Mountain Bike Seatposts

Mountain Bike seatposts come in a variety of sub categories, ranging from lightweight cross country rigid posts, to suspension seatposts which provide a few cm of travel through a replaceable elastomer which contracts and expands when under pressure. Other forms of post include the dropper post, which is highlighted below, and the layback seatpost, which helps to position your saddle slightly further back on smaller frames. Typically mountain bike components are produced to be stronger than the equivalent road bike parts, as they will be subjected to greater forces due to the varied terrain associated with mountain biking. As a result, mountain bike parts will usually be heavier than similar road components. The majority of seatpins for mountain bikes are manufactured from a form of alloy, although there are several carbon options available too. We have listed a wide variety of seatposts for mountain bikes, each with specifications, photos and details on where you can buy them.

Dropper Seatposts

A dropper seatpost is a relatively new invention, which is aimed primarily at the mountain biking market. Essentially it's a device which enables the user to lower or raise their saddle whilst on the move, eliminating the need to adjust the seat clamp. For downhill and technical sections the saddle height can be lowered to enable the rider to have greater movement on the bike, and for uphill and flatter sections, saddle height can be raised to a higher and more efficient level to improve pedalling. The majority of dropper seatposts are controlled by a lever situated on the handlebar, with the hose either being routed through the frame, or externally along the crossbar. Popular models include the RockShox Reverb and Thomson Elite Covert, both of which are impressively lightweight given the components required to make a strong and maintenance free dropper post.

Seatpost Colours

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